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The People's Streets Poster (11"x17")

The People's Streets Poster (11"x17")

Print of The People's Streets, 11"x17" in size. 


About the design


The People's Streets is a design that combines a map of Milwaukee streets with The People's Flag of Milwaukee. Data for streets is sourced from the OpenStreetMap project, and it includes highways, surface streets, alleys, and even parking lots.


The People's Flag was the winning design of a 2016 community-driven effort to redesign Milwaukee's civic flag. It was not adopted by the city's Common Council, however, and has therefore been dubbed The People's Flag.


The sun rising over Lake Michigan symbolizes a new day. The light blue bars in its reflection represent the city’s three rivers (Milwaukee, Menomonee, Kinnickinnic) and three founding towns (Juneau Town, Kilbourn Town, Walker's Point). Gold represents the brewing history of Milwaukee, and white represents peace.


Source: Visit this site for more information on The People's Flag.


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